Always Be the Most Intuitive Person in the Room

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Your Mentorship Options with Heidi Sawyer

"Transformation Happens when you have Clarity - NOT Goals"

Directly access Heidi's intuition and gain absolute clarity via one of these Mentorship options:

MasterMind Group

Prosperity & Emotional Intimacy 



Lotus Expansion PLUS

Group Mentorship



Heidi Unlimited

1-2-1 Mentorship; You & Heidi for 12 Weeks



Online Courses from Heidi Sawyer

"Just Press Play & Never Give Up"

All of the thinking has been done for you. Pick one of these Bestselling Courses:

Narcissistic Recovery

How to Solve Your Love Wounds Forever 




Money Calm for Intuitive-Sensitives

Release unconscious patterns controlling your attitude to money and prosperity



Consciousness Transformation Kit

Your 9 Stages of Development




On-Demand Workshops with Heidi Sawyer

"You Can Heal Through the Power of Your Imagination"

Life can sometimes feel like a puzzle. Each On-Demand Workshop will help you find your next piece to create the whole. Start with the one which 'talks' to you most:


Create Self-Trust & Feel Listened To




2019 & YOU

Create positive wealth, health and relationship patterns in 2019​



Higher Mind

Develop intuition to dissolve anxiety using the power of the unconscious​



Shape Shifters

Learn How to Master the Tension Created by Control Orientated People 



Threshold Guardians

How to Pass the Courage Test





Mastering the 'Trickster' in Your Life





Meeting the 'Shadow'​ 






Becoming Your Own Ally





Lotus Expansion STANDARD

Get all of these and all future On-Demand Workshops + lots more member benefits 




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