"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" Carl Jung


Why Are Your Courses So Effective?

Because we have designed them to be...



The videos calm your 'logical left' hemisphere and they prepare you for...



The exercise 'bridges' between your hemispheres, readying you for...



Because your 'creative right' hemisphere is now prepared to fully engage with the meditation. However most importantly you now have a direct link to your unconscious; so that you can create instant transformation.


By design our courses give you the opportunity for deep and rapid inner growth.


The Orphan energy chooses you to create the ultimate rescue, the connection to the self, beyond self-abandonment and into interdependence, the safe, secure world of true self-esteem and value

Only £47


The King shows in your life as a fear or mistrust of men, an expectation people are unreliable and the only person to rely on is yourself. This energy slows your life, leaving you feeling despondent, unmotivated and stuck

Only £​47


The Lover energy chooses you to connect with your personal source of power that’s not a climb for position or authority, not a power over another but real power - the power within

Only £​47


Coming soon...

Only £​47


The Magician energy chooses you to connect with your healing potential and give you access to the unconscious world of wonderment, charm and the deeply connected spiritual self

Only £​47


The Mystic energy chooses you to connect with your truth beyond fear and give you access to the unconscious world of non-judgement, a revolution in your thinking and the deeply wise self

Only £​47


The Detective energy chooses you to connect with your deep curiosity, intuition and commitment to finding your truth beyond the illusions life presents. It gives you the power to side-step manipulation and to always be ahead

Only £47

Want Them All?

Get all of the On-Demand Workshops for one low monthly payment of only £​37/month





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