The Magician Archetype

How To Ignite Magic In Your Life

Instructor: Heidi Sawyer


  1. What’s the issue?
  2. The Dark Sorcerer  
  3. Unlocking the Fear of Things Going Wrong
  4. How to Engage the Inner Magician to Create a Magical Life

Exercise: Revealing Your Inner Story


Meditation: Ignite Magic in Your Inner Kingdom 

The Magician Archetype

Everyone deserves magic in their life. They deserve for life to work out, for dreams to come true. Trouble is when things do work out you wonder how long they’ll last or ask yourself – what’s the catch?


When the Magician energy is active, you have the ability to transform reality. It’s as though a magnetic field draws you to experiences that match your inner reality. Trouble is, if your inner reality is conflicted or doesn’t believe in your own power, the Magician attracts control situations, the shadow of the ‘evil sorcerer’ shown in your life as intense self-judgement and only the ability to see yourself as less or greater than.


The Magician energy chooses you to connect with your healing potential and give you access to the unconscious world of wonderment, charm and the deeply connected spiritual self.


This On-Demand workshop will give you instant access to the patterns of the Magician archetype so you can spot the opportunities it’s offering you – rather than fall into the menacing fear that a magical life doesn’t really exist. You’ll start to experience the transcendence of the self, all achieved through the wizardry of the unconscious.

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Heidi Sawyer

Heidi Sawyer’s speciality is Highly Intuitive-Sensitive People, knowing who they are, what affects them in life, and how to engage their incredible skills. Heidi is an author and speaker whose best-selling courses are sold in 55 countries. Her first book The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense (Hay House) has been translated into four languages.


Heidi is known for her powerful techniques to reveal and work the deepest parts of your psyche. Heidi knows who Highly Intuitive-Sensitive People are, what affects them in life – and how to engage their incredible skills. These people are especially sensitive to the energy of others, have health niggles different to the average person, yet have an extraordinary skill to ‘see around corners’.

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Video #2 - The Dark Sorcerer

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