Money Calm for Intuitive-Sensitive People

An online course to overcome your anxiety around money by resetting your unconscious mindset patterns created by your ancestors

Better Decisions

Effective Mind Management

Financial Clarity

Intuitive-Sensitive People feel a pressure to be perfect, to please others more than themselves. Money decisions are therefore made with ‘pleasing others’ in mind whether that’s positive or negative. If having more would mean someone else has less or could be jealous, then unconscious patterns kick in to disrupt your freedom and choices. Money Calm happens when you truly realise, you are entitled to create your own prosperity patterns, and you’re not obliged to keep outdated attitudes passed through the generations.

How Do You Know If You Have Unhelpful Patterns Controlling Your Prosperity?​​

  • Your finances restrict your freedom to implement life changes​

  • You want to change your career path to something you love but haven’t the courage​

  • When your finances are strong, a big bill appears out of the blue to ruins your plans

  • You’re so used to struggle, if life was easy, you wouldn’t know what to do with it

  • If you had a lot of money, your instinct would be to give it away or feel excessively guilty for keeping it

  • Your parents were overly frugal, emotionally distant, didn’t have enough, or fought over money

Your Unconscious Mindset will Either Attract or Repel Prosperity

She saw a £50,000 gap in my income to fill...

Now I have even closed my £50,000 income gap with no increase in hours or work!


Lawyer, UK


Create clear connections and powerful access to the deeper mind so your prosperity can surface​


You don’t have to be lucky to be prosperous  


You’ll have a proven and direct access to your unconscious to clarify all of your confusion





Our Easy Step-By-Step Intuition for Money Calm Process Has Helped Individuals Create Financial Stability 

Everyone Can Do It And It Works For All Intuitive-Sensitive People


Medical Professional, Ireland

"It helps connect you to the gold in your soul"

In this video Deirdre tells you how she felt before Money Calm, how she feels now and she has an important message to share with you as a fellow Intuitive-Sensitive.

“There has always been a deep sense of unfulfillment and incompleteness.


Now I can truly say my life feels like it’s now beginning.


Pilot and Entrepreneur, UK

“I was getting increasingly stressed and in need of a holiday!


Now all of this feels effortless because it is exactly structured to the type of person I am, not how anyone thinks I should be


Care-worker, UK

What's My Investment?

The Best Way to Create Prosperity Without Having to Earn More

How much is muddled thinking costing you? How many opportunities have you lost because you're afraid you'll make a mistake? How many times has someone convinced you to do something you later regret because you had no idea at the time what your priorities were? How many potential dream purpose opportunities have you passed up because you're convinced you're not good enough? Can you speak up and offer yourself when an opportunity comes your way or do you always wait to be asked? A 'lack' mentality may already be costing you a great deal.

What's Inside the Course?


Paradigm shift packed videos


Incredibly Insightful Exercises


Downloadable Deep Process Meditations


Powerful Bonus Gifts


Watch the 'Welcome Video' from inside the course

In this video Heidi gives you an overview of what to expect to receive and achieve when you complete the course. You can either watch the video here on this page now or inside the course after you make your purchase. 

12 Video Lessons

(Value = Priceless)

Pacify and educate your'Monkey brain' to stop unconscious patterns controlling your attitude to money and prosperity so you can make your own freedom decisions. You'll feel more able to make choices based on your own consciousness, free of  the constant worry, money is your master. Feel in charge so you're no longer convinced your 'money friend' will abandon or restrict you. You'll feel you have more knowledge and understanding of your financial patterns than ANY of your family, work colleagues or friends. This will give you insight not only into helping your inner world, but theirs.

3 Exercises

(Value = Priceless)

Find the rules of how you have been programmed to manage money and prosperity. Discover the sticky control and dominance rules of the patriarchy passed through the generations and free your inner world into the 'new money model' of creative freedom. The exercises help you discover the rules you've been unconsciously following. If you don't know what those rules have been, you're forever mindlessly following them. The exercises switch mindless rule following into conscious choice. Only when you have conscious choice do you have the confidence to contribute where you want to make a difference in life. Contribution requires your own basic security is taken care of hence why it falls flat without addressing it. 

3 Deep Process Meditations (Value = Priceless)

Lasting change does not happen just by changing your behaviour. Dieting means you lose weight temporarily because you've eaten less. Ultimately, true 'weight loss' happens when you change unconscious patterning because it changes the behaviour in the internal world so it can become permanent. The meditation part of this course goes directly to your internal world, you will come out of each meditation process feeling lighter and more empowered to make lasting change. You'll feel less afraid money will leave you and the compulsion to stash it or spend it will neutralise into a healthier relationship.  


(Value = Priceless)

Prosperity Consciousness Meditation

What is Prosperity Consciousness? It’s NOT about money. It’s about your attitude towards inner and outer wealth. This is one of the most popular meditations we have ever created. 


(Value = Priceless)

Whose 'Money Voice' Can I hear Exercise


(Value = Priceless)

Quick Start to Clutter-Free Checklist

This simple checklist will help you immediately begin the process of knowing what’s ready to go, and what you’ll need to think a little longer about.

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What Makes Money Calm So Different?

Money Calm is a better course to handle your unconscious wealth anxieties because it tackles the messaging of your ancestors money beliefs.


Money Calm is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop unconscious money patterns taking over your life that feel like bad karma for some terrible thing you never knew you did.


Money Calm for Intuitive-Sensitive People restores your faith that you are the master of your own destiny and can change what has felt unchangeable even though you’ve been ‘working on it’ for months, even years. You’ve got the stack of books to prove it.


When you’re ‘calm’ about your relationship with money, other areas of your life open up. Trust, true friendship, expression, conscience, self-control and purpose, become normal because your unconscious no longer knocks your confidence. Your path to growth flourishes and you consciously step into a deeper sense of life purpose, with the ability to naturally know your next move without having to ask anyone for permission to be yourself.

An Online Course to Create Peace With Your Unconscious, Manage Prosperity & Know Your Next Move

BEFORE Money Calm I felt money was something kept hidden and dealt with in a secretive way...


BEFORE Money Calm I felt confused and not very confident with money​...



BEFORE Money Calm I felt I couldn’t understand why I felt so anxious and overwhelmed when it came to money​...


BEFORE Money Calm I felt worried about my grasp on money and what the future held...

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course work for me even if I don't believe the unconscious is the key to my prosperity?

I'm not sure I can access my unconscious belief patterns very well because I fall asleep during meditations. Is it still worth me doing the course?

I haven't any time, I'm short on money and I'm overwhelmed with my current commitments. Can I make this course work for me even though I'm anxious? 

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Do I have to use a desktop computer to watch the training?

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