Your Soul's Path to Losing Numbness and   Engaging Sensitivity because it is Your Time to Fly

To Orchestrate Magic in Your Life, Simply Make Your Unconscious Conscious - that is what we help you do here

We have so many wonderful stories of transformation, will you be next?

Relationships Are Hard, Right?

You’re kind and decent, yet others don’t have the same level of respect for you?

Intuitive-Sensitive People give their time and effort, yet repeatedly attract toxic characters who take what they want

So how can we get toxic people to behave better?

Inner work - knowing who you really are - will always lead to freedom because other people no longer define your happiness


Bad relationships do happen to good people. It doesn’t have to stay that way


Everyone deserves to find their bliss


It’s not your fault relationships have let you down:  you’re not ‘too nice’


You’ve never been given a plan, one where you can be yourself yet side-step others emotional immaturity 


You’re not “too sensitive” -  you’re an empathic, gentle character who wants the chance to shine with your OWN sense of purpose

You don’t want to walk in the dark.   You want to feel your path...

… and we can show you how.


Heidi's Inner Circle is Your Secret Weapon

Heidi's Inner Circle is the secret weapon every Intuitive-Sensitive needs to break free of their anxiety and find what truly makes them happy, and now it's available for everyone.

Everyone Deserves To Find Their Happy Place


But There’s a Problem…

  • You keep attracting difficult people into your life

  • It is hard to recognise unhealthy dynamics

  • Controlling relationships knock your life off track

  • It is hard to know how to handle difficult people

  • It is scary to confront the difficult person

  • Nobody has given you a plan

Heidi Sawyer's Inner Circle  has everything you need to

Master Your Current Environment

all in one place, at a fraction of the cost of other development tools.

Join now from only 95p a day.


Choose a Plan Now and Secure Your Relationship Success

Your 3 Steps To Inner Transformation & Relationship Success

1. Choose Your Access

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2. Open Your Mind

Just press play

3. See Your Transformation

Become yourself


Monthly - Most Popular

£37 per month

LIVE attendance fast-tracks inner work.

LIVE twice a month at 7pm UK time

Billed monthly.
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3-Monthly - Save 20%

£87 per 3 months

LIVE attendance fast-tracks inner work.

LIVE twice a month at 7pm UK time

Billed 3-monthly.
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See What People Like You Say About Their Membership

I took this opportunity to start looking for depth – I decided to engage and find solutions that spoke to me rather than drift and hope for the best.

Cecile Plouy

If I had to guide someone, in one sentence I would say to them:  
“You are valuable.  No matter what, you are valuable.”

Herlina Sari

I knew transformation was possible.  All my life I had been aware that there was always an inner guidance, and I wanted to tap into it; to discover who I was. 

Tracy Barthorpe

There Are 4 Stages of Your Inner Transformation

1. Questions Answered

Evening of Clairvoyance

We will walk you through exactly how to go from feeling overwhelmed and like an outsider, to experiencing your joyful connection with this world.


You'll discover how you can feel connected everywhere you go. You'll learn what's inside you thats enabling you to do that.

2. Patterns Interrupted

Meditative Workshops That Heal Your Mind & Soul

You're wasting an enormous amount of time hoping the potential you see in others will magically manifest in yourself. We are going to show you how to calm the chorus of voices in your head giving you conflicting thoughts and feelings.


3. Rebuild Trust

Interactive Connective Sessions

These live sessions are designed to answer your questions and give you total clarity of how to move forward.

4. Feel Valued

Peer Group Live

A tight knit community of people who understand you, appreciate you for who you are, and want to see you live your best self. We collectively support each other and want to see you continue to grow from seed to bloom.

Unlock All Of This Today When You Become A Member 

You Don't Have To Feel Alone...

What Makes Heidi Sawyer So Different?

Heidi Sawyer is an intuition expert with a form of Mirror Neuron Synesthesia. Synesthesia is normally associated with people who ‘hear’ colours or ‘see’ sound. Heidi’s form of it means she feels the world of other people as though it were deeper than her own. She is able, therefore, to give people a unique perspective. This means she has a skill over and above empathy, natural sensitivity and intuition; it enables her to ‘reach’ into the inner world of others and give them a view of it beyond their fears, self-doubt and logic.

Your Sensitivity IS Your Greatest Asset.


One of these days you will believe me and your life will transform

Heidi Sawyer, Course Director

My suggestion to people who are feeling a bit lost, or unsure and want to find out more about their intuition is simple: Try it!




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Monthly - Most Popular

£37 per month

LIVE attendance fast-tracks inner work.

LIVE twice a month at 7pm UK time

Billed monthly.
Cancel future payments anytime

3-Monthly - Save 20%

£87 per 3 months

LIVE attendance fast-tracks inner work.

LIVE twice a month at 7pm UK time

Billed 3-monthly.
Cancel future payments anytime

Heidi has this natural ability to help people. She connects and gets straight to what the problem is in a unique and emotional way.

Paul Plumstead

I loved that I could choose a relevant course, and study at my own pace, absorbing information at my own speed.  It is a perfect learning environment for me.

Vivienne Bannigan

Mother Nature linking with our own inner nature  - aligning with our own cycle. It is a brilliant concept  - it makes complete sense

Marina Duskov


Join today, and we'll unlock for you immediately a course on how to start your path to Enlightenment:

 7 Steps to Purpose -

The Beginner's Guide to Enlightenment

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