Recent Stories of Transformation & Award Winners

Alexandra Breedon

"I was looking to learn about myself, I was really curious about my own potential."​


Soul Whisperer Member

Nidhi Swarup

" Before there was always a mask –

I was fitting into the 'right way' of living.

Now I can relax and have fun. 

It’s amazing!"

Soul Whisperer Member

Marina Duskov

 "I am much less in fear, much more in my courageous heart.  I am more accepting of my feelings, and definitely living by intuition."

Soul Whisperer Member

Tracy Barthorpe

"I know I can fall into “being there” for people and not be myself but I look forward to paving the way to look after myself and others safely and authentically".

Soul Whisperer Member

Jane Barnes

"I found intuition, and it saved my life. My suggestion to people who are feeling a bit lost, or unsure and want to find out more about their intuition is simple: Try it!  

Soul Whisperer Member

Cecile Plouy

"I am deeply grateful for my life choice, my sensitivity to KNOW I had to engage for things to be different”.



Soul Whisperer Member


Award Winners


Inspire will continue as an annual event.

Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus we had to host 2020's online

You can watch some of the recordings from that here

Annually, awards will be presented to Inner Circle members, Enlightenment Path members Intuition Coaching MasterMind members who have made a special contribution to the group, completed their content or made extraordinary progress. All progression is monitored and recognised because Intuitive-Sensitives are life's silent brave ones. We like to recognise that. 

Meet some of the award winners



"I'm much more aware of my internal world"


"I hope she'll change yours too"


"Normally I hide at the back of the room"


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