At the beginning I didn’t have a clear vision of what my next transition needed to be. Having put a lot of effort into my development over the years I was craving deeper transformation and healing and I was getting frustrated with my level of growth.​ I now have so much clarity around my current development path. 

Noreen, County Clare, Ireland

I now make decisions quickly which are consistent with my behaviours by using my emotional guidance system. Working with Heidi has helped me realign my personal direction because I now have a better understanding of my desired destination.

Paul, Dorset, England

If the offerings are calling to you, if it’s resonating, if you’re feeling “I think I need this”…do it, seriously. When this opportunity arose, I knew I needed this and I’m so glad I joined. Personal development and expanding consciousness is super important to me, and this experience is on a whole other level.​ Thank you!

Elizabeth, San Francisco, USA

I feel like I started the program feeling foggy about a lot of things in my life the programme has helped me sort through a lot of it as it has come up (which is so helpful - being able to work on things that are raw and real in the moment), and much of what has come up has been unexpected.​

Meredith, North Carolina, USA

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